About Us

There is no denying the convenience that plastic disposables offer us. There is also no denying the damage that these very same plastic disposables have caused our planet. Since the creation of plastics, nearly all of it that has been made still exists today. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is just one of ​the places that they accumulate at causing immeasurable harm to marine life and they are not going away anytime soon. It takes about a million years for a plastic milk jug to decompose!

Fortunately for us, there are alternatives that offer the same convenience with minimal impact to the planet. (And let's be honest, they are much better looking). It is to explore these alternatives that I founded Chagli. Our products are made using only natural agricultural waste. Areca plants, found mostly in South Asia, routinely shed their leaves. These leaves are collected, pressure washed with water, dried and heat pressed into the various products that you see here. The process is that simple. No chemicals are ever used. And unlike paper plates, these don't need a wax coating. They are naturally sturdy and can contain liquids. Locals have long found such uses for these leaves.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products. Please use the Contact page to send us a note.

Deepak Jayasimha
A little bit about me -
I have spent the past 17 years building technology solutions for some of the top global banks and other financial services firms. I am passionate about technology and hold out a cheerful, hope-filled, (and perhaps a naively idealistic) utopian vision of a technologically advanced world that has learned to live in harmony with nature.